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  1. We Asked: Why Did You Want To Be A Writer?

    Writing doesn’t require much. You need a paper, pencil, just your brain, and imagination. So, why did you want to become a writer?
  2. What Are The Best Words To Describe Kindness?

    What is your favorite way to talk about "kindness"? These people shared their favorite "kind" words ... are they your favorites too?
  3. What Are The Most Fun-to-say Words In Different Languages?

    We asked this woman, who speaks six languages, what the most fun-to-say words are. Do you know any of the words she chose?
  4. What Words And Phrases Make Your Eyes Roll?

    This dad and daughter help us explain why there are just some words and phrases your parents (or kids!) say that automatically make eyes roll.
  5. Why Is The Word “Rural” So Hard To Pronounce?

    Rural. It refers to things in the country, where things can be simpler and quieter than in cities. So, why is this word not simple to pronounce?!
  6. We Asked: What’s A Word Your Family Says That No One Else Does?

    Does your family have a word that you use all the time ... that no other family uses at all? Did you make up that word? Or are you just using that word in a "unique" way? We asked you all to answer ... here's what we found out!
  7. When To Use “Charismatic” Vs. “Charming”

    We often describe a charismatic person as "charming." But, we would never describe a charming house, outfit, or book, no matter how attractive they are, as "charismatic." Let’s break the spell of these two similarly compelling words.
  8. This Teacher Is Helping Us Rephrase The Most Common Classroom Questions

    Dr. Crumley is here to offer some helpful hints about how to keep your teachers’ eye-rolling to a minimum this year. These questions will be sure to get you closer to that A.
  9. Celebrity Names We Are All Pronouncing Wrong

    Here’s an A–Z guide to making those hard-to-pronounce names roll off the tongue like …”Will Smith.”
  10. These Hand Gestures Have Very Different Meanings In Other Cultures

    Hand gestures, of course, can have very different meanings abroad. With the OK sign, maybe you meant to communicate "I am loving this spaghetti," but the waiter saw :"You're an a**hole."