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[ sahy-ber flash-ing ]

What is cyberflashing?

Cyberflashing is the act of using digital means (such as a messaging app or social media platform) to send sexual or pornographic images (such as a nude photo of oneself) to someone without their consent.

The practice is especially associated with men who send unsolicited photos of their genitalia to women.

The term is especially used in serious discussion of the practice, such as calls for legislation that makes it a crime.

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Where does cyberflashing come from?

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The term cyberflashing is a combination of the prefix cyber-, which is used in terms related to online or virtual environments, and the word flashing, in the sense of suddenly exposing one’s genitals to others in public. Cyberflashing involves a person sending sexually explicit images of themself (or other sexual content) through online means to others without their consent.

The term cyberflashing has been used to refer to sending unsolicited sexual images online since at least 2015. Use of the term increased in the early 2020s, particularly after Singapore and the United Kingdom passed legislation criminalizing the act. The term is used in such legislation.

Many have called for the practice to be classified as a crime in the United States.

Examples of cyberflashing

Cyber flashing will become a crime, with people who send unwanted genital photos expected to face prison time - so that’s half of the blokes on here going jail 😜 #cyberflashing
@JEMMAMC86, February 8, 2022
A re-introduced House Bill would criminalize the practice of sending explicit images of oneself to another person without the recipient’s consent, making the practice of “cyber-flashing” a misdemeanor.
Cassidy Jensen, Concord Monitor, January 2022

Who uses cyberflashing?

The term cyberflashing is typically used in serious discussion of the practice, such as legislation or calls for legislation that make it a crime.

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