[bam-] or [bahm-bee-noh]  

What does bambino mean?


Bambino is the Italian word for a "male child or baby." It can also be used as a nickname or term of endearment for a man more generally.

Examples of bambino


Examples of bambino
Sick - about par for the course w/ allergies and an ill bambino.
@robertmdineen, November 2007
The girls in the neighborhood would say ‘Sonny Pacino, the lover bambino.’ The boys would say, ‘Sonny Pacino, the bastard bambino.
Ken Lipper quoted by Yahoo! Entertainment, September 2014

Where does bambino come from?

Craze Gags / YouTube

Bambino means “little child” or “baby” in Italian. It is used to refer to boys, with bambina its female counterpart. Bambinos or bambini can refer to a group of children or babies.

Fun facts: the Italian bambino is a diminutive form of bambo, meaning “silly,” and bimbo comes from bambino. It’s first recorded in English in the 1760s, when it especially referred to the Christ Child, or Baby Jesus.

National Gallery of Australia

Bambino was popularized in the US thanks to George Herman Ruth, Jr., better known as Babe Ruth, the baseball player often considered the greatest of all time. While he wasn’t Italian himself, Babe Ruth played in New York in the 1920–30s, home to many Italian immigrants at the time. They nicknamed him The Great Bambino, bambino calling up babe. The Boston Red Sox were also hexed with The Curse of the Bambino after Ruth was sold by the team in 1919–20. Fans jokingly explained the Red Sox 86-year World Series drought on the curse.

Society for American Baseball Research

Who uses bambino?

Bambino is used when talking about male children and babies, especially by Italians and people of Italian heritage in places like New York City.

English speakers may also use bambino as a term of endearment for a male friend…

It can also work as a pet name for a significant other, similar to baby.

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