What does cabrón mean?


Literally meaning "male goat," cabrón is a Spanish slang word roughly equivalent to the English bastardbadass, or dude, depending on context. 🐐

Examples of cabrón


Examples of cabrón
everytime i hear “real hasta la muerte [real until I die] cabron .. brrrrr” my ghetto bone tickles and its the best feeling in the world
@fvckyams, August, 2018
my brother been going to work with my step dad since we out of school. Se esta haciendo hombre el cabron 😭 [that dude is becoming a man]
@daiizyyyy, November, 2016

Where does cabrón come from?

Cabrón begins as a “male goat,” with chiva as its female counterpart. But Spanish speakers are clever, and earthy, with their slang.

Goats have a reputation for eating anything, hence their association with the lowly likes of a “bastard.” But, as is often the case in slang, negative words can get a positive spin. Think bad, sick, ill, or wicked in English. This inversion also took place for cabrón, which evolved to name someone who is exceptionally skilled at something—a badass.

So, is cabrón bad or good?! Well, if you’re an English speaker, you can tell the difference just fine between calling something shit as opposed to calling something the shit. Spanish speakers do this for cabrón.

Many English speakers will encounter cabrón in reggaeton, a genre of music massively popular throughout Latin America and the US. A few notable songs include 2015’s “Flow Cabrón” (badass sense) by Dominican-American singer Arcángel and “Esta Cabrón” (bastard sense) by Puerto Rican rappers Ñejo and Gotay.

A more mainstream instance comes from American rockers The Red Hot Chili Peppers, who released a song called “Cabrón” in 2002. The song, whose chorus repeats cabrónis about frustrations with a menacing individual, possibly a gang member, hence cabrón.

Who uses cabrón?

Context is everything with cabrón, as it can be an actual male goat, a bastard, something awesome, someone very skilled, or a term of endearment among bros.

It’s widespread in the Spanish-speaking word, including Latin America and especially in Mexico, where it enjoys especial “badassery.” In Nicaragua, a cabrón can more specifically refer to a man who has been cheated on, or cuckold.

So, if your buddy does something great, you might call them cabrónIf you’re looking to pick a fight with a stranger, though, call them cabrón. The female equivalent is cabróna“or bitch,” not chiva.

Mom, you owe me 500 dollars. / You owe me your life, bastard.

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