What does gigil mean?

Gigil is a word used to describe the overwhelming feeling that comes over us when we see something cute.

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Examples of gigil


Examples of gigil
see how he sort of clenche dhis teeth ? oof gigil :( cute
@yaoitrades, June, 2018
rex orange county has a “you’ve got a friend in me” duet with randy newman hahhahha he’s so softttttt i’m gigil
@danifran, June, 2018
Baby clothes are even cuter when there’s a cute baby wearing them. #gigil
@ayesel, June, 2018

Where does gigil come from?

Gigil comes from the Philippines, where Filipinos describe their reactions to something overwhelmingly adorable in their native language, Tagalog. Ever seen a baby or pupper so unbelievably cute that you wanted to scream … or squish it? You’ve had a gigil moment!

The word doesn’t have a direct translation from Tagalog into English, but it’s not for lack of trying! Yale University psychologists Rebecca Dyer and Oriana Aragon created the term “dimorphous expression of positive emotion” in 2012 to describe the quasi-violent response to adorableness. It’s a mouthful, so for lay people, the researchers offer this shorter English version of gigil: Cute aggression.

So next time you see a unicorn that’s just so fluffy you’re going to die, you can just explain you had a gigil reaction.


Who uses gigil?


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