Warm Up With These Writing Prompts

Do you have writer’s block? Try these prompts to kickstart your creativity.

General writing prompts

1. Alexander Hamilton is the father of many English words. Choose one as inspiration for a story or poem.

2. Enemy: antagonist or villain. Nemesis: a rival who can’t be beaten. Choose one to write about.


3. A government has banned something essential to every day life. What has been banned and what is life like without it?


4. Write a story or poem inspired by synesthesia.


Journal writing prompts

1. What is your most cherished childhood memory?


2. Imagine changing one decision you’ve made. How would life be different?


3. What is empathy, and how does it influence your point of view?


4. Write about an experience that changed your perspective.


5. What does self-care mean to you?


6. Write about a time when you felt angry. How did you cope?


7. What is one thing about yourself that makes you feel proud? Why?


8. How have you changed in the past year? Write about your transformation.


Writing prompts for kids

1. Pink Fairy Armadillo is a real animal name! Invent your own funny animal & write about your discovery.


2. Onomatopoeia describes a word that sounds like what it means. Write a story that uses 5 onomatopoeia words.


3. Homonyms sound the same but mean different things. Write a story that uses two pairs of homonyms correctly.


4. Write about a new country you created. Make up a language for that country and tell us all the rules.


5. What is your hobby? Explain it to someone who’s never heard of it.


6. Write about your happiest moment without using the word happy.


7. Write about a time you broke a rule, and why you did it.


8. You wake up with a super power. What is it, and how do you use it?

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