Your College in a Word

Last year you may have seen our analysis of what words are most looked up in certain US cities. We found that Boston was looking up fender-bender and Dallas was looking up peep. This year we decided to take that approach to a different sort of community: college campuses. What words are students at Stanford or Northwestern or the University of New Mexico looking up? Are there differences in the kinds of words students at different schools look up?

To determine what words universities look up the most, we isolated searches for 2014 in zip codes associated with these campuses and in zip codes near these schools that have high concentrations of college students as determined by US census data. To discover what word was most popular at each of these schools, hover over the university name in the interactive map below. The results are really interesting to us at The words in this new university data deviate broadly from those that typically rank, such as metaphor, affect, and love. Universities gravitate toward exciting and unique words, such as cubism, egregious, and maelstrom.

Do you know why these words were popular at these schools? Let us know in the comments!

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