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Challenging, Fun Word Puzzle Games on

Looking for a fun way to train your brain?

Challenge yourself to new puzzles and games every day in our unique collection of brainteasers. Maybe you’re looking for a mathematical game, a crossword puzzle, or a word search. Play a new game today on

Never Played Before?

  • Crossword puzzles

    are word games where clues prompt players to solve for words in horizontal and vertical boxes within a grid. Play a new crossword every day.

  • Sudoku

    is a Japanese puzzle game using math and numbers in 9x9 Latin square. Beat the famous Japanese puzzle game.

  • KenKen

    is a mathematical puzzle game based on math problems in cages within a confined grid. Play a mathematical twist on Sudoku.

  • Word Roundup

    is a fun and challenging version of the classic game word search. Find the hidden words as crossword clues come to word search.

  • PlayFour

    formerly known as QuickCross is a fast-paced, simpler, short crossword puzzle game. Conquer this quick, challenging four-by-four puzzle.

  • Up & Down Words

    is a word game where the last word of each two-word crossword clue’s solution is the next clue’s first word. Join these phrases in a new twist on crossword-style clues.