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Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Definitions for thunderstone
  1. any of various stones or fossils formerly thought to be fallen thunderbolts.
  2. Archaic. a thunderbolt or flash of lightning.

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Citations for thunderstone
Palta might not be hidden from the sky; thus the sacred thunder-stone of Terminus at Rome stood under a hole in the roof of Jupiter's temple ... Robert Graves, The Greek Myths, 1955
In Germany until the early 20th century people believed in the magic properties of the devil's fingers, known also as catstones, thunderstones, wombstones or even candles of the dead. According to ancient lore these strange stones are falling from the sky and witches can use them to cause thunderstorms. David Bressan, "Fire burn, and cauldron bubble ... The Thunderstone," Scientific American, October 28, 2013
Origin of thunderstone
Thunderstone in the sense “thunderbolt” dates from the end of the 16th century; the sense “stone or fossil” dates from the late 17th century.
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