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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Definitions for shirty
  1. Informal. bad-tempered; irritable; cranky.

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Citations for shirty
... she was usually all right about most things, if you woke her before she was ready she could get a bit shirty. Beryl Kingston, London Pride, 1991
There's no need to get shirty, young man. My ticket is right there. André Alexis, "Maupassant," Beauty and Sadness, 2010
Origin of shirty
The adjective shirty derives from the phrase “to have one’s shirt out, get one’s shirt out, get someone’s shirt out, to be or become annoyed.” “Getting one’s shirt out” is one possible result of swinging one’s arms in an argument in a pub; a head-butt is another. Shirty entered English in the 19th century.
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