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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Definitions for toyetic
  1. (of a character or object from a movie, TV show, etc.) potentially marketable as a toy: a toyetic superhero.
  2. (of movies or other forms of mass entertainment) having merchandising potential: toyetic comic books.

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Citations for toyetic
There’s a singular pleasure that comes with holding a Star Wars toy. The film’s vehicles, weapons, heroes, and villains, after all, are uniquely “toyetic" ... Melissa Leon, "How 'Star Wars' Revolutionized the Toy Industry," The Daily Beast, January 1, 2018
It adds another powerhouse toyetic property to their portfolio, with a proven track record of success. Rob Salkowitz, "Hasbro Powers Up, Acquiring Power Rangers From Saban For $522 Million," Forbes, May 1, 2018
Origin of toyetic
Toyetic, an obvious composition of toy and the adjective suffix -etic, was supposedly coined by the American toy developer and marketer Bernard Loomis (1923–2006) in a conversation with Steven Spielberg about making figures based on Spielberg’s movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977).
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