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Saturday, January 19, 2019
Definitions for freegan
  1. a person who buys as little as possible and makes use of recycled or discarded goods and materials, in an effort to reduce waste and limit environmental impact.

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Citations for freegan
While Kalish and the freegans work to educate people about the amount of waste we generate, they essentially want to put themselves out of business. Eillie Anzilotti, "New York's Freegans Expose the Insane Waste of Our Food System," Fast Company, March 30, 2018
Don't get hung up on the foraging. ... Everybody gets all freaked out about the diving, the whole Freegan thing. Jonathan Miles, Want Not, 2013
Origin of freegan
Freegan is a blend of free and vegan. One who practices freeganism is usually also but not necessarily a vegetarian or vegan. Freeganism differs from the usually disparaging term dumpster diving in that freegans are anticonsumerist and anticapitalist in their ideology, but are actively engaged in alternative lifestyles. Freegan entered English in the late 20th century.
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