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Monday, September 24, 2018
Definitions for sibilate
  1. to utter or pronounce with a hissing sound.
  2. to hiss.

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Citations for sibilate
It may be that there is some mysterious significance in the pitch at which an idea is vocalized; but, as for this writer, we doubt if it makes any difference whether he sibilates his opinions to himself in half-suppressed demi-semiquavers, or roars them to the world through a fog-trumpet--their obliquity may safely be assumed as a constant quantity. E. L. Youmans, "Herbert Spencer's Sociology," Appletons' Journal, February 21, 1874
"I've been in for twenty years," he sibilates in my ear. Kevin Dutton, The Wisdom of Psychopaths, 2012
Origin of sibilate
Sibilate comes from Latin sībilātus, past participle of the verb sībilāre “to hiss, hiss in disapproval.” From sībilant-, the present participle stem of sībilāre, English has the noun and adjective sibilant, used in phonetics in reference to hissing sounds like s or z. Sibilate entered English in the 17th century.
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