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Friday, August 17, 2018
Definitions for corpocracy
  1. a society in which corporations have much economic and political power.
  2. a corporate bureaucracy.
  3. a company characterized by bureaucracy.

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Citations for corpocracy
Whether you are in business or government, you will be members of the same corpocracy. In the West, there are tensions between government and business elites. In China, these elites are part of the same social web, cooperating for mutual enrichment. David Brooks, "The Dictatorship of Talent," New York Times, December 4, 2007
... David Mitchell’s “Cloud Atlas” features a futuristic South Korea-inspired “corpocracy,” a hotbed of clones, plastic surgery (“facescaping”), and insurrection. Ed Park, "Sorry Not Sorry," The New Yorker, October 19, 2015
Origin of corpocracy
Corpocracy is an unlovely compound noun formed from corporate or corporation plus the common combining form -cracy, ultimately from the Greek combining form -kratía, formed from krátos “strength, power,” and the noun suffix -ía. Corpocracy is not a recent word: it first appears in print in 1935, right smack in the middle of the Great Depression, during FDR’s first term.
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