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Saturday, July 31, 1999

Definitions for diffident

  1. Lacking self-confidence; distrustful of one's own powers; timid; bashful.
  2. Characterized by modest reserve; unassertive.

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Citations for diffident
He lived naturally in a condition that many greater poets never had, or if they had it, were embarrassed or diffident about it: a total commitment to his own powers of invention, a complete loss of himself in his materials. James Dickey, New York Times
This schism is embodied in Clarence's two sons: cheerful, pushy, book-ignorant Jared, a semicriminal entrepreneur who has caught "the rhythm of America to come" and for whom life is explained in brash epigrams from the trenches, versus slow, diffident Teddy, the town postman, uncomfortable with given notions of manhood, uncompetitive ("yet this seemed the only way to be an American") and disturbed that others misstate "the delicate nature of reality as he needed to grasp it for himself." Julian Barnes, New York Times
Origin of diffident
late Middle English
Diffident is from the present participle of Latin diffidere, "to mistrust, to have no confidence," from dis- + fidere, "to trust." The noun form is diffidence.
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