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Thursday, December 09, 1999

Definitions for sang-froid

  1. coolness of mind; calmness; composure: They committed the robbery with complete sang-froid.

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Citations for sang-froid
Admitting to himself that he was not possessed of genuine, innate sang-froid, he nevertheless firmly resolved to behave always as a fearless man would in his place. Vladimir Nabokov, Glory, translated by Dimitri Nabokov, 1971
The Fates had always had a certain sang-froid, a certain disdain for their own haunting, but the Terrors were hams, pure and simple. Will Self, Tough, Tough Toys for Tough, Tough Boys, 1998
Origin of sang-froid
Sang-froid comes from the French expression of the same spelling that literally means "cold blood." It entered English in the 1740s.
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