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Friday, December 31, 1999

Definitions for fin de siecle

  1. A phrase mostly used adjectively in English to signify: belonging to, or characteristic of, the close of the (19th) century; hence, modern; ``up-to-date;'' sophisticated; world-weary; decadent.

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Citations for fin de siecle
In fin de siecle Vienna--a period that really lasted into the early twentieth century--much of "modernity" was taking shape. Henry Grunwald, One Man's America: A Journalist's Search for the Heart of His Country
This might also be a moment to reassess the broad range of priorities in your life, some of which may have been shoved aside in fin de siecle careerism and obsession with money. , New York Times
Origin of fin de siecle
Fin de siècle is French for "end of the century."
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