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Monday, February 14, 2000

Definitions for wheedle

  1. To entice by soft words or flattery; to coax.
  2. To gain or get by flattery or guile.
  3. To flatter; to use soft words.

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Citations for wheedle
Editors who wished to carry original work rather than reprints found it necessary to wheedle contributions from readers by decrying inexperience as a reason for not taking up the pen and by offering prizes for submissions. Ronald Weber, Hired Pens
When Wayne and I first moved here, the settlers living within twenty miles were consumed with curiosity about our relationship, and one of 'em tried to wheedle a little matrimonial information out of me. Christine Wiltz, The Last Madam
Origin of wheedle
The origin of wheedle is uncertain; it is perhaps from Old English wædlian, "to beg, to be a beggar," from wædl, "want, poverty."