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Saturday, February 26, 2000

Definitions for gastronome

  1. a connoisseur of good food; gourmet; epicure.

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Citations for gastronome
Though my sister was as blind on the subject of being a hostess as I was, fortunately Alkibiades was a picky eater and a gastronome, and Kalliope was well trained in ordering and presenting fine cuisine. Karen Essex, Stealing Athena, 2008
He was something of a gastronome, and would eat anything he particularly liked in an audible manner, and perspire upon his forehead. H. G. Wells, Tono-Bungay, 1909
Origin of gastronome
Gastronome is a back formation from the French term gastronomie meaning "gastronomy," which in turn finds its roots in the Greek word gastḗr meaning "stomach."
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