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Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Definitions for factious

  1. Given to faction; addicted to form parties and raise dissensions, in opposition to government or the common good; turbulent; seditious; prone to clamor against public measures or men; -- said of persons.
  2. Pertaining to faction; proceeding from faction; indicating, or characterized by, faction; -- said of acts or expressions; as, factious quarrels.

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Citations for factious
Despite Washington's considerable leverage with the ethnic Albanians, it was unclear whether the province's factious leadership understood the message. Danica Kirka, Los Angeles Times
Many nobles sought good government, rather than being factious, and were only forced into war by the king's incompetence. , Encyclopedia Britannica
Origin of factious
Factious derives from Latin factiosus, from factio, a party, a group of people, especially a political party, faction, or side.