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Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Definitions for obtrude

  1. To thrust out; to push out.
  2. To force or impose (one's self, remarks, opinions, etc.) on others with undue insistence or without solicitation.
  3. To thrust upon a group or upon attention; to intrude.

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Citations for obtrude
Moreover, crime is something which the citizen is happy to forget when it does not obtrude itself into public consciousness. , Irish Times
For the next few months, Polidori continued to obtrude himself on Byron's attention in every possible way -- popping into every conversation, sulking when he was ignored, challenging Percy Bysshe Shelley to a duel, attacking an apothecary and getting arrested "accidentally" banging his employer on the knee with an oar and saying he wasn't sorry -- until finally Byron dismissed him. Angeline Goreau, New York Times
Origin of obtrude
Obtrude is from Latin obtrudere, "to thrust upon, to force," from ob, "in front of, before" + trudere, "to push, to thrust."