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Saturday, October 21, 2000

Definitions for cadre

  1. A core or nucleus of trained or otherwise qualified personnel around which an organization is formed.
  2. A tightly knit and trained group of dedicated members active in promoting the interests of a revolutionary party.
  3. A member of such a group.

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Citations for cadre
Trained cadres flowed across the porous border and down the blossoming supply trail through eastern Laos (the Ho Chi Minh Trail). Peter Gay, Pleasure Wars
Around 1880, the year Flaubert died, the French avant-garde was made up of a cadre of bitter, highly self-conscious poets, painters, novelists, and critics. Daniel Okrent, Time
Origin of cadre
Upon entering the English language around 1830 via Sir Walter Scott's Introduction to The Lay of the Last Minstrel, this word first meant "framework," and by the 1850s was a term for a group of people. It was borrowed from the French cadre, "a picture frame," from Italian quadro, "framework," from Latin quadrum, "square, four-sided thing."