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Saturday, December 30, 2000

Definitions for Grub Street

  1. The world or category of impoverished literary hacks.

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Citations for Grub Street
There is no more disgruntled pilgrim on Grub Street than an author of a freshly published book. Carol Brightman, New York Times
For decades Nashville has been Grub Street to a surfeit of young song hustlers who grew up somewhere else and arrived in town by bus or by '41 Buick to try out a trunkful of lines as supple as "I'm so lonesome I could cry" or as crass as "She broke my heart (I broke her jaw)" on anyone who will lend an ear. Nicholas Dawidoff, In the Country of Country: People and Places in American Music
Origin of Grub Street
Grub Street, near Moorfields, London, was once famous for literary hacks and inferior literary productions. It was described by Dr. Johnson as "much inhabited by writers of small histories, dictionaries, and temporary poems." The street was renamed Milton Street in 1830.