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Saturday, January 06, 2001

Definitions for sacrosanct

  1. Extremely sacred or inviolable.
  2. Not to be entered or trespassed upon.
  3. Above or beyond criticism, change, or interference.

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Citations for sacrosanct
The family was viewed as sacrosanct: divorce was highly unusual and children were expected to be grateful for the sacrifices that parents, who postponed their own gratifications in forming a family, made on their behalf. Alan Wolfe, One Nation, After All
Espionage is about redefining Good and Evil, the violable and the sacrosanct. Edward Shirley, Know Thine Enemy
Origin of sacrosanct
Sacrosanct comes from Latin sacrosanctus, "consecrated with religious ceremonies, hence holy, sacred," from sacrum, "religious rite" (from sacer, "holy") + sanctus, "consecrated," from sancire, "to make sacred by a religious act."