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Friday, February 23, 2001

Definitions for confrere

  1. A fellow member of a fraternity or profession; a colleague; a comrade; an intimate associate.

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Citations for confrere
At Father Kilmartin's death the book was left unfinished (a sign of the times: not in manuscript, but on his laptop); and the arduous but also extremely delicate task of putting it into publishable condition was carried out by his Jesuit confrere, Robert J. Daly. Jaroslav Pelikan, Commonweal
The reason for this was that our government, out of the weaknesses Kissinger himself describes, was treating that adversary as a confrere whose hideous character flaws could not be discussed. Gabriel Schoenfeld, Commentary
Origin of confrere
late Middle English
Confrere comes from Old French, from Medieval Latin confrater, from Latin com-, "with, together" + frater, "brother."