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Sunday, February 25, 2001

Definitions for conflagration

  1. A large and destructive fire; a general burning.
  2. Something like a conflagration; conflict; war.

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Citations for conflagration
When the cane fields were set alight to rid them of snakes and the sky was brilliant with orange and yellow, Kwaku knew that there was a profound meaning in the conflagration and the rain of ash that fell in its aftermath. Roy Heath, Kwaku
Every winter the city seemed to go up in a conflagration of house fires: faulty furnaces, kerosene lamps knocked over, exploding water heaters, damp wiring, bored kids playing with matches, burglars turned arsonists this year, to cover their tracks, always something. Alvin Greenberg, How the Dead Live
Origin of conflagration
Conflagration comes from Latin conflagratio, from conflagrare, "to burn up," from com-, intensive prefix + flagrare, "to blaze."
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