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Monday, February 26, 2001

Definitions for plenipotentiary

  1. Containing or conferring full power; invested with full power; as, "plenipotentiary license; plenipotentiary ministers."
  2. A person invested with full power to transact any business; especially, an ambassador or diplomatic agent with full power to negotiate a treaty or to transact other business.

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Citations for plenipotentiary
There were two accounts, one in a news article, the second in the editorial section, telling the minihistory of Pol Pot, sometime plenipotentiary ruler of Cambodia. William F. Buckley Jr., The Redhunter
At that time, Egypt was our protectorate, which meant the High Commissioner was the plenipotentiary of George V and carried independent authority. David Freeman, One of Us
Origin of plenipotentiary
Plenipotentiary derives from Latin plenus, "full" + potens, "powerful."