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Saturday, April 14, 2001

Definitions for bevy

  1. A group; an assembly or collection.
  2. A flock of birds, especially quails or larks; also, a herd of roes.

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Citations for bevy
In an instant, a bevy of perfumed and coiffed poodles would begin a raucous race from her bedroom to the bottom of the stairs. James A. Drake, Rosa Ponselle: A Centenary Biography
Shortt is a more attractive man, and was followed about by bevies of adoring damsels. , Selected Letters of Rebecca West, edited by Bonnie Kime Scott
Origin of bevy
late Middle English
Bevy comes from Middle English bevey. It perhaps originally signified a drinking company, possibly deriving from Old French beivre, "to drink," from Latin bibere.