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Monday, April 16, 2001

Definitions for pulchritude

  1. That quality of appearance which pleases the eye; beauty; comeliness; grace; loveliness.

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Citations for pulchritude
No stranger aftermath developed after the war, Thorek recalled, "than the sudden hope, surging through feminine -- and sometimes masculine -- hearts, that where nature had been niggardly in her gifts of pulchritude, the knife of the surgeon could remedy the lack." Elizabeth Haiken, Venus Envy
While other symbols of postwar pulchritude have gone into seclusion, become anti-vivisectionists or begun hawking designer eyeglasses, Gina Lollobrigida continues to tend her image with a fully sequined sense of responsibility to the legend. Mitchell Owens, New York Times
Origin of pulchritude
Pulchritude comes from Latin pulchritudo, from pulcher, "beautiful." The adjective form is pulchritudinous.