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Thursday, August 16, 2001

Definitions for homily

  1. A sermon; a discourse on a religious theme.
  2. A moralizing lecture or discourse.
  3. An inspirational saying; also, a platitude.

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Citations for homily
Trumpets sounded, wine ran from fountains, bishops delivered homilies, magistrates presented the keys to their cities, triumphal arches sprang up along the way. Christine Pevitt, Philippe, Duc D'Orleans: Regent of France
He launched into a homily about marriage as a garden that requires care. Janet Maslin, New York Times
Origin of homily
Homily ultimately derives from Greek homilia, "instruction," from homolein, "to be together or in company with," hence "to have dealings with," from homilos, "an assembled crowd," from homos, "same." One who delivers homilies is a homilist. Homiletic means "of or pertaining to a homily."