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Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Definitions for doyen

  1. The senior member of a body or group.
  2. One who is knowledgeable or uniquely skilled as a result of long experience in some field of endeavor.
  3. A woman who is a doyen.

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Citations for doyen
Two dozen reporters, led by Helen Thomas of United Press International, the seventy-six-year-old doyenne of the press corps, filed into the room. Howard Kurtz, Spin Cycle
Christian Dior, doyen of fashion, introduced the New Look for women, with long flowing skirts and a strong emphasis on nonpractical femininity. Zachary Karabell, The Last Campaign
Origin of doyen
Doyen is from French, from Late Latin decanus, "leader or chief of ten persons," from decem, "ten."