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Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Definitions for sedition

  1. Conduct or language inciting resistance to or rebellion against lawful authority.

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Citations for sedition
Most of us now accept as common sense what was once prosecuted as sedition, namely Tom Paine's proposition that "the idea of hereditary legislators is as absurd as a hereditary mathematician -- as absurd as a hereditary poet laureate". Geoffrey Robertson, The Guardian
At several points in his long career, Jinnah was threatened by the British with imprisonment on sedition charges for speaking in favour of Indian home rule or rights. Akbar S. Ahmed, Jinnah, Pakistan and Islamic Identity
Origin of sedition
Sedition comes from Latin seditio, sedition-, "a going apart," hence "revolt, insurrection," from se-, "apart" + itio, ition-, "act of going," from ire, "to go."