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Thursday, January 10, 2002

Definitions for discursive

  1. Passing from one topic to another; ranging over a wide field; digressive; rambling.
  2. Utilizing, marked by, or based on analytical reasoning -- contrasted with intuitive.

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Citations for discursive
The style is highly discursive, leap-frogging forwards and backwards across the decades, without ever sacrificing thrust or clarity. Nicholas Blincoe, The Guardian
Rather than being a limiting influence, the time restrictions seem often to have compelled ensembles and soloists to condense and distill arrangements and to edit potentially discursive solo performances. Richard M. Sudhalter, Lost Chords
Origin of discursive
Discursive comes from Latin discurrere, "to run in different directions, to run about, to run to and fro," from dis-, "apart, in different directions" + currere, "to run."