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Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Definitions for enervate

  1. to deprive of force or strength; destroy the vigor of; weaken.
  2. enervated.

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Citations for enervate
You’re young, you’re impressionable, you won’t mind my saying that you’re not built for a stoic, and hang it, they'll coddle you, they'll enervate you, they'll sentimentalize you, they'll make a Mungold of you! Edith Wharton, "The Pot-Boiler," The Hermit and the Wild Woman and Other Stories, 1908
He argued that devoting scarce public money to the charter school alternative will further enervate our public schools, which are already seriously underfinanced. Roger W. Bowen, "Charter Schools, Then What?" New York Times, January 13, 1999
Origin of enervate
Enervate stems from the Latin ēnervātus meaning "weakened." It has been used in English since the late 1590s.