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Friday, July 26, 2002

Definitions for peregrination

  1. A traveling from place to place; a wandering.

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Citations for peregrination
He left Parma in the family camper-van, abandoning it in a Milan car-park to avoid its being identified at border controls before setting off on a peregrination through Switzerland, France, London, Canada, New York and eventually back to London. Paddy Agnew, Irish Times
In 1890, Lafcadio Hearn settled in Japan after a lifetime of restless, melancholy peregrination. Francine Prose, New York Times
Origin of peregrination
late Middle English
Peregrination comes from Latin peregrinatio, from peregrinari, "to stay or travel in foreign countries," from peregre, "in a foreign country, abroad," from per, "through" + ager, "land."