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Sunday, October 20, 2002

Definitions for riparian

  1. Of or pertaining to the bank of a river or stream.

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Citations for riparian
Riparian areas are the green, vegetated areas on each side of streams and rivers. They serve many important functions, including purifying water by removing sediments and other contaminants; reducing the risk of flooding and associated damage; reducing stream channel and streambank erosion; increasing available water and stream flow duration by holding water in stream banks and aquifers; supporting a diversity of plant and wildlife species; maintaining a habitat for healthy fish populations; providing water, forage, and shade for wildlife and livestock; and creating opportunities for recreationists to fish, camp, picnic, and enjoy other activities. Jeremy M. Brodie, Bureau of Land Management Environmental Education Home Page
Along its serpentine course, the Charles River widens and narrows, and its riparian sounds swell to crescendos in places or relax to the low purr of a river at peace. Craig Lambert, Mind Over Water: Lessons on Life from the Art of Rowing
Origin of riparian
Riparian is from the Latin, ripari-us + -an, from Latin ripa, the bank of a river.