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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Definitions for practicable

  1. Capable of being done, accomplished, or put into practice; feasible; as, "a practicable method; a practicable aim."
  2. Capable of being used; usable.

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Citations for practicable
The authors give easy-to-follow instructions on coping with a whole ham leg, and so many ways to cook with it that the project even seems practicable. Corby Kummer, The Atlantic
It was considered best to baptise the child on the same day as its birth, if such haste were practicable, since an infant unbaptised would be consigned to limbo after its death. Peter Ackroyd, The Life of Thomas More
Origin of practicable
Practicable derives from Late Latin practicare, "to act; to practice," from practicus, from Greek praktikos, "able in; fit for; doing; active," from prassein, "to do; to do habitually."