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Friday, December 13, 2002

Definitions for badinage

  1. light, playful banter or raillery.
  2. to banter with or tease (someone) playfully.

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Citations for badinage
He had meant to confide in Lydgate, and discuss the money question with him, and he had meant to amuse himself for the few evenings of his stay by having a great deal of music and badinage with fair Rosamond, without neglecting his friends at Lowick Parsonage... George Eliot, Middlemarch, 1872
In the South an engaged girl, even a young married woman, expected the same amount of half-affectionate badinage and flattery that would be accorded a debutante, but here all that seemed banned. F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Ice Palace," Flappers and Philosophers, 1920
Origin of badinage
Badinage entered English in the 1600s from the French word badiner meaning "to joke." The suffix -age forms mass or abstract nouns in loanwords from French, such as voyage and courage.
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