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Monday, April 07, 2003

Definitions for censorious

  1. Tending to blame, condemn, or criticize; harshly critical.
  2. Implying or expressing harsh criticism or disapproval; as, "censorious remarks."

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Citations for censorious
Another factor is the morally censorious climate in which we live -- a climate that is intolerant of eccentricity, waywardness and general lack of perfection. Andrew Martin, New Statesman
The world seems to become more not less censorious towards those who do not conform to its norms Allan Ramsay, Contemporary Review
Origin of censorious
Censorious comes from Latin censorius, "pertaining to the censor," from censor, "one of two magistrates of ancient Rome responsible for taking the census and supervising morals and conduct," from censere, "to appraise, to estimate, to express an opinion."