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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Definitions for equable

  1. Equal and uniform; not varying.
  2. Not easily disturbed; not variable or changing -- said of the feelings, temper, etc.

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Citations for equable
An equable climate, evidently due to the large area of sea compared with the land, seems to extend over the greater part of the southern hemisphere; and, as a consequence, the vegetation partakes of a semi-tropical character. Charles Darwin, The Voyage Of Beagle
Now, there can be no doubt that Irving . . . possesses great wit and charm, as well as a temperament that is equable, cheerful, and almost relentlessly easygoing. Norman Podhoretz, Ex-Friends
Origin of equable
Equable comes from Latin aequabilis, from aequare, to make even, from aequus, even.