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Monday, May 12, 2003

Definitions for supererogatory

  1. Going beyond what is required or expected.
  2. Superfluous; unnecessary.

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Citations for supererogatory
As a result, Crane's moral reflections range from the pre-ethical (duties toward animals) to the properly ethical (conduct toward humans in ordinary situations) to the optional and supererogatory (heroic actions above and beyond ethical obligation). Patrick K. Dooley, The Humanist
He deemed the leading of an ascetic life ultimately as a supererogatory act, since baptism was the sole criterion by which one's Christian identity could be defined. Willemien Otten, Theological Studies
Origin of supererogatory
Supererogatory comes from Latin supererogare, "to spend over and above," from super, "over, above" + erogare, "to ask for," from e-, "out" + rogare, "to ask, to request."