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Monday, July 07, 2003

Definitions for plaint

  1. An expression of sorrow; lamentation.
  2. A complaint.

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Citations for plaint
. . .that soul imprisoned in a body, itself a prisoner within that dungeon, and from out that double incarnation of flesh and stone, the perpetual plaint of a soul in agony . . .. Victor Hugo, Notre Dame de Paris
He turns to the audience and offers the plaint of any 86-year-old whose royalties from records and guitar sales keep accumulating while the energy level keeps dissipating. 'I can get anything I want,' he says. 'It's just, what am I gonna do when I get it?' Richard Corliss, Time
Origin of plaint
Plaint comes from Old French plainte, from Latin planctus, past participle of plangere, "to strike the breast, to lament."