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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Definitions for cadge

  1. To beg or obtain by begging; to sponge.
  2. To beg; to sponge.

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Citations for cadge
Another . . . complains of the hard work involved in cadging an invitation to a fancy dinner. James N. Davidson, Courtesans & Fishcakes
Imagine the Tom his fellow students saw at the University of Iowa -- a slovenly, self-absorbed young man with a high, braying laugh, a tendency to cadge money and a habit of blushing -- and you can see why one remembered him as "a rather unpleasant little person" and another later said that he would have bet on "anyone but Tom" to become a successful playwright. Benedict Nightingale, New York Times
Origin of cadge
Cadge derives from Middle English cadgear, "a peddler, a huckster."