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Sunday, September 14, 2003

Definitions for confluence

  1. A flowing or coming together; junction.
  2. The place where two rivers, streams, etc. meet.
  3. A flocking or assemblage of a multitude in one place; a large collection or assemblage.

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Citations for confluence
At the confluence of continents, at the narrow neck of the Nile Valley just before it spreads into the flat water-maze of the Delta, this has always been a place where elements mingle and cultures collide. Max Rodenbeck, Cairo: The City Victorious
It's the combination of these various factors, then -- their historical confluence, if you will -- that must be held responsible for the rapid erosion of the church's authority over sexual matters since the Second Vatican Council. Michael W. Cuneo, The Smoke of Satan
Origin of confluence
late Middle English
Confluence is from Latin confluens, "flowing together," from confluere, "to flow together," from con-, "with, together" + fluere, "to flow."
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