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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Definitions for ascribe

  1. To attribute, as to a source or cause; as, "they ascribed the poor harvest to drought."
  2. To attribute, as a quality; to consider or allege to belong; as, "ascribed jealousy to the critics."

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Citations for ascribe
Scholars conventionally ascribe Hemingway's creative dissolution to drinking and depression, but to me that has always seemed too simple. D. T. Max, New York Times Magazine
Plainness won't do for today's cookbook writers; when they're not emoting over mere food, they ascribe all sorts of fanciful powers to it. , New York Times
Origin of ascribe
late Middle English
Ascribe is from Latin ascribere, "to write in, to add in writing, hence to attribute," from ad- + scribere, "to write."