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Monday, October 27, 2003

Definitions for contumacious

  1. Obstinate; stubbornly disobedient; persistently, willfully, or overtly defiant of authority.

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Citations for contumacious
They solemnly denounced as contumacious . . . anyone opposing Dr Williams' appointment. Stephen Bates, The Guardian
Not far north of Pech-Merle, just short of a little village named Cras, lies a later relic of human society: traces of the Gaulish enclosed settlement known as the oppidum of Murcens, claimed by some to be the site of Uxellodunum, where in 52 B.C. Julius Caesar defeated the great chieftain Vercingetorix and, to discourage further opposition by the contumacious Gauls, chopped off the right hands of 6,000 warriors, thus eliminating Gaulish resistance to the Pax Romana. Peter Davison, The Atlantic
Origin of contumacious
Contumacious derives from Latin contumax, contumac-, "insolent."