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Friday, November 21, 2003

Definitions for Argus-eyed

  1. Extremely observant; watchful; sharp-sighted.

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Citations for Argus-eyed
Yet other eyes were on me, and Kat, my Argus-eyed defender, never failed to notice them. Rosalind Miles, I, Elizabeth: A Novel
Even the foliage at the Stork is apt to conceal a celebrity, as Argus-eyed star-gazers discovered the other night when they peeked behind three carefully combed fronds and found writer Ernest Hemingway, actor Monty Woolley and sculptor Jo Davidson. Ralph Blumenthal, Stork Club
Origin of Argus-eyed
One who is Argus-eyed is as observant as Argus, a hundred-eyed monster from Greek mythology.