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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Definitions for rapacious

  1. Given to plunder; seizing by force.
  2. Subsisting on prey.
  3. Grasping; greedy.

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Citations for rapacious
In the course of the 1650s they became progressively disenchanted with Cromwell's regime, disliking the compromises with the old order and hating what had become a rapacious army that seemed interested solely in its own well-being and future. James Walvin, The Quakers
Osbert gallantly defended the reputation of his forebear in his autobiography but she remains one of the most rapacious harpies ever to have plundered the royal coffers. Philip Ziegler, Osbert Sitwell
Origin of rapacious
Rapacious comes from Latin rapax, rapac-, "seizing, grasping, greedy," from rapere, "to seize, to snatch."