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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Definitions for animus

  1. Basic attitude or animating spirit; disposition; intention.
  2. A feeling of ill will; animosity.
  3. In Jungian psychology, the inner masculine part of the female personality [cf. anima].

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Citations for animus
The seemingly anti-intellectual animus of the syllabus [the Syllabus of Errors, issued by Pope Pius IX in 1864] also disillusioned some converts, among them Thomas Arnold, who reverted to Anglicanism when he learned of it. Patrick Allitt, Catholic Converts
It is important to note also that part of Kipling's animus against the Christian missionaries in India arose from his indignation at their destructive puritanism. Christopher Hitchens, The Atlantic
Origin of animus
Animus is from Latin animus, "soul, character, disposition."