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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Definitions for patrician

  1. A member of one of the original citizen families of ancient Rome.
  2. A person of high birth; a nobleman.
  3. A person of refined upbringing, manners, and taste.

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Citations for patrician
London possessed the manner of a patrician. He was a man whose stately elegance suggested that he deemed himself above the fray. Martin Garbus, Tough Talk
In Senator Harrison G. Otis's words, King was the "last of the Romans," or those patrician Federalists who hoped to model the American Senate upon the aristocratic body of the Roman Republic and to keep the plebeian House in check. Joseph Martin Hernon, Profiles in Character
Origin of patrician
late Middle English
Patrician derives from Latin patricius, from patres, "senators," plural of pater, "father."