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Monday, March 29, 2004

Definitions for proscribe

  1. To denounce, condemn, or forbid as harmful; to prohibit.
  2. To put outside the protection of the law; to outlaw.
  3. To publish the name of (a person) as condemned to death with his property forfeited to the state.

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Citations for proscribe
Even in war there are rules and accepted norms of behaviour that prohibit the use of certain types of weapons (for example, hollow-point or 'dum-dum' bullets, CS 'tear' gas, chemical and biological warfare agents), proscribe various tactics and outlaw attacks on specific categories of targets. Bruce Hoffman, Inside Terrorism
The game about to be played has tacit rules, since television shows, like every social milieu in which discourse circulates, allow certain things to be said and proscribe others. Pierre Bourdieu, On Television
Origin of proscribe
late Middle English
Proscribe comes from Latin proscribere, "to make publicly known, to publish, to proscribe," from pro-, "before, in front" + scribere, "to write."