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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Definitions for egress

  1. The act of going out or leaving, or the right or freedom to leave; departure.
  2. A means of going out or leaving; an exit; an outlet.
  3. To go out; to depart; to leave.

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Citations for egress
Today gates and walls, much more hard and fixed barriers than street patterns, control entrance and egress in suburban subdivisions and urban neighborhoods around the country. Edward J. Blakely and Mary Gail Snyder, Fortress America
New York's superb natural harbor and its links westward via the Erie Canal and, later, several trunk railroads made it an ideal entry and egress point for goods and people. Joshua B. Freeman, Working-Class New York
Origin of egress
Egress is from Latin egressus, from egredi, "to go out," from e-, "out" + gradi, "to step."