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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Definitions for demur

  1. To object; to take exception.
  2. To delay.
  3. The act of demurring.

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Citations for demur
It had been Letitia's wish, not Thaddeus's, that there should be a child but, while wondering at the time what it was going to be like to have a baby about the place, he did not demur, and soon after Georgina's birth was surprised to find his feelings quite startlingly transformed. William Trevor, Death in Summer
She would ask to see something I had written, and I would demur, saying that anything I had written was terrible, and she would persist until I gave in and said, "If you insist," and later she would proclaim that my work was not terrible, my work was terrific. Rosemary Mahoney, A Likely Story
Origin of demur
Demur comes from Old French demorer, "to linger, to stay," from Latin demorari, from de- + morari, "to delay, to loiter," from mora, "a delay."