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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Definitions for etiolate

  1. (Botany) To bleach and alter the natural development of (a green plant) by excluding sunlight.
  2. To make pale or sickly.
  3. To make weak by stunting the growth or development of.

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Citations for etiolate
Under that etiolated sky all life seemed wrung out. Colin Thubron, The Lost Heart of Asia
[They] had feverish eyes, pale faces and gaunt, etiolated bodies from spending all the hours of daylight shut up in cramped and often humid spaces. Hilary Spurling, The Unknown Matisse
Origin of etiolate
Etiolate comes from French étioler, perhaps for s'éteuler, "to become like straw," from Old French esteule, "stubble or straw," from Latin stipula, "a stalk, straw."