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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Definitions for benison

  1. Blessing; benediction.

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Citations for benison
In the beginning, Gibran's small estate was worth some $50,000, benison enough for a village of ten thousand souls. Stefan Kanfer, New York Times
Yet to be with him was a benison, a curiously exhilarating and anarchic experience, as the lightning celerity of his thought processes took you on a kind of helter-skelter ride of surreal non-sequiturs, sudden accesses of emotion and ribald asides, made all the more bizarre for being uttered in those honeyed tones by the impeccably elegant gent before you. Simon Callow, The Guardian
Origin of benison
Benison comes from Old French beneison, from Latin benedictio, from benedicere, "to bless," from bene, "well" + dicere, "to say."
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